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London Based Nutritionist
Kirsten Brooks BSc(Hons), DN Med (Dist)

Nutritionist Kirsten BrooksWith over 14 years of clinical experience since completing a BSc degree in nutritional medicine in 2005, Kirsten can assess your health, dietary habits and lifestyle to determine the best way to help overcome any health complaints you may have and optimise your well-being. Using evidence-based nutrition, Kirsten will tailor a nutritional programme to your individual requirements and can provide advice on preventing future problems. The bespoke plan will be realistic, effective and enjoyable as she is aware how busy our modern lifestyles can be, and she always provides plenty of support and encouragement.

A consultation can help with digestive disorders like I.B.S and S.I.B.O, food intolerances, weight-loss, mood & hormonal problems, PCOS, thyroid conditions, fertility issues, dealing with stress, fatigue and much more. She takes away the guesswork with personalised, targeted treatment which addresses the underlying causes for your symptoms and can maximise your health potential.

If you are looking for an experienced nutritionist and weight-loss coach in London, please contact Kirsten to arrange an appointment.
telephone: 07752 294138