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The Consultation

The first visit is to find out about you and takes approximately 1 hour. Kirsten will ask you detailed questions about your medical history, family’s medical history, eating habits and lifestyle. She may also use visual indicators such as your hair, your nails, your tongue and your skin, and may weigh you and take measurements to monitor progress, if applicable. Occasionally she may suggest diagnostic tests such as laboratory tests for digestive imbalances, tests assessing your nutrient status, plus food intolerance tests and more.

Kirsten will provide you with a questionnaire to be filled in prior to the first consultation.

You will then receive a personalised programme within 48 hours of the consultation. A subsequent consultation will usually be 4-6 weeks later to discuss your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your program (although you may wish to do more regular sessions initially if you require closer support and guidance). For some an initial plan will just involve specific changes to your diet, while certain problems may call for a more intensive program. Some people may worry that the food will be bland and dietary advice hard to follow, but she will provide you with some practical ideas for delicious food and how to buy and prepare them easily, plus shopping lists and recipes if required.

Eating healthy veg is so important!