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The Consultation

Functional MedicineThe first visit is to find out about you and takes approximately 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes. Kirsten will ask you detailed questions about your medical history, family’s medical history, lifestyle and eating habits. Your own health goals, stress levels, budget and relationship with food (where relevant) will be taken into account. She may also use visual indicators such as your hair, your nails, your tongue and your skin, and if applicable- weigh you and take measurements to monitor progress.

Kirsten will provide you with a detailed questionnaire to be filled in prior to the first consultation.

You will receive a personalised programme within 48 hours of the consultation. A subsequent consultation will typically be held 3-6 weeks later to discuss your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your programme, whilst providing continuing support, encouragement and expert guidance.

Functional MedicineRemember - there is no one size fits all rule in nutritional therapy, as the aim is to ascertain the underlying causes of your symptoms, not suppress them. And it utilizes the Functional Medicine module (see image) which recognises the interplay of your bodily systems. Kirsten seeks to correct any possible deficiencies and metabolic imbalances, whilst providing specific nutritional support to organs or systems in distress and reducing your toxic load, using evidence-based nutrition.

For some an initial plan will just involve specific changes to your diet, whereas some conditions may warrant a more intensive program. If you are daunted at the prospect of making dietary changes and having to cook elaborate meals, don’t be- Kirsten will provide some practical ideas for tasty, satisfying, straight forward food, suggest some easy food substitutions, plus provide shopping lists and recipes if required. And she may allow some flexibility, as she knows asking too much of her clients might be counter-intuitive for some individuals, especially if stress is part of their health picture.

Please note if you are on any medication, Kirsten will ensure her plan will be safe and work alongside it.

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