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London Based Nutritionist
Kirsten Brooks BSc (Hons), DN Med (Dist)

Kirsten Brooks and CamIn practice since 2005, Kirsten has a BSc Honours degree in Nutritional Medicine and is a member of the professional bodies- the CNHC and the CThA. She also does consultancy work and writes articles for health and food supplement companies.

On a personal note, Kirsten has always had a passion for food and its impact on health. Feeling burnt-out in her 20’s, it was advice from a nutritionist which enabled her to regain her vitality, lose the stubborn weight she had really struggled to shift and overcome some digestive issues. This then encouraged Kirsten to train to become a practitioner herself. In her final year of her degree, Kirsten’s dissertation was on the effect of diet and supplementation on premenstrual syndrome.

As a busy, working mum now in her 40’s, with two energetic (but delightful!) young boys, she understands the demands of modern life. Therefore, she also finds it very rewarding helping men and women with all sorts of stress-related health issues. As she has seen over the years how the right diet can calm down their stress response and increase resilience. Kirsten passionately believes the right nutrition can beneficially impact our health, be it – for example, our gut, mood, energy, weight, sleep, hormone balance, fertility or skin.

Her approach is warm, compassionate, down-to-earth and non-judgemental. And she feels truly honoured to help make a difference to her clients’ well-being.
telephone: 07752 294138