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Nutritional medicine

fruit and vegOptimum nutrition provides the raw materials for repair and to rebuild our health, as every single molecule of our bodies is derived from what we eat and drink. Kirsten has seen profound improvements occur in her clients' well-being and waist-lines (see Feedback section), as what we eat can undoubtedly have an immense impact on our health.

Over the last fifty years our diets have changed radically, as has the nutritional content of our food. And it has also become harder to maintain healthy habits when processed and sugary foods are so ubiquitous and our modern lives are becoming busier and often more stressful than ever. During this time there has been a sharp rise in chronic and degenerative health conditions, as well as obesity, so guidance on optimum nutrition has become increasingly important.

Kirsten not only makes sure that the programme she devises for each individual is nutrient-rich, but also that it is also straight forward- as many of her clients are time-poor. It also needs to be satisfying, because she appreciates that food isn't just a source of fuel for our bodies, but also a source of pleasure and comfort.

She takes a holistic approach to understand why weight or health issues have occurred, as the ultimate goal of nutritional therapy is to establish and address the underlying reason for any health complaints, instead of treating them symptomatically. Kirsten will encourage your body’s own healing ability with a nutritional program tailored to your unique biochemical requirements. She will analyse your health status, your nutrient levels and digestive capacity to correct any possible deficiencies and rebalance your body, often providing specific nutritional support to organs or systems in distress. Your own health goals, lifestyle, budget and relationship with food will be taken into account and will be followed up with support and encouragement. If you are receiving any medical treatment, her plan for you will be safe and work alongside it.

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