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Consultation Prices & Packages

Consultations in person, or as virtual consultations via zoom, are available and are both charged at the rates above.


FIRST CONSULTATION (60-75 minutes): £85
This fee also includes the time spent afterwards on an individualised nutritional programme and, where relevant, a personalised supplement protocol. This plan is normally emailed to you within 48 hours of the first consultation.

FOLLOW UP CONSULTATION (45 minutes): £65
Follow up consultations are there to answer queries, assess progress, provide the next stage to your protocol with further changes to your plan and supplementation and review any test results, where appropriate.This fee includes time spent on updating the programme, which will be emailed after the consultation.

Some of Kirsten’s clients have seen her for years and although they are now very well, might come for bi-annual check-ups for support at different stages of their life, for example, e.g. perimenopause, menopause, andropause or if new issues arise.


  1. Wellness package - THREE appointments (First consultation and TWO follow ups) for £200 (£15 discount).
    Payment must be made at the beginning when the initial consultation is booked, the dates for the follow ups don’t need to be arranged at the outset. This package makes a great gift, or may be suitable for someone who needs a dietary overhaul or has a chronic condition they wish to tackle with ongoing support.
  2. Follow up package - THREE follow-up appointments for £180 (£15 discount).
    This package is available to purchase after the first consultation for continued support and guidance, to keep your motivation levels high and to benefit from further targeted treatment. Please note payment must be made once we decide this package is suitable for you but the dates for all the follow ups don’t need to be arranged. This can be bought more than once, if required.

Please contact Kirsten for further details and prices, should you wish to have a consultation as a couple, perhaps for a general dietary overhaul, or for health optimisation for example.

CANCELLATION CHARGES: Once your consultation is confirmed, please note you will be charged if 48 hours cancellation notice is not provided.

Other Services

In addition, Kirsten can provide other bespoke services, such as accompanying clients to the supermarket to help them make healthier choices within budget, giving webinars, as well as giving talks to corporations. See Corporate page for further info.

For more information on any of the above or to have a free initial chat, please contact Kirsten.

telephone: 07752 294138

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tel: 07752 294138