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Diagnostic Tests

testsKirsten may recommend diagnostic tests, where she feels it would be beneficial. Examples are blood tests to check for any food sensitivities, laboratory nutrient blood tests (for vitamins, minerals & essential fat deficiencies etc.) which are especially useful for fertility problems and many chronic conditions. Others might include laboratory digestive tests to check for imbalanced friendly bacteria, candida, leaky gut and other problems (from £61), as well as hormonal, thyroid, adrenal stress tests, mitochondrial tests, toxicity screens, cardiovascular risk factor analyses and more. You may contact Kirsten for further details. Any laboratories used are scientifically accredited.

These tests can often explain long-standing symptoms and accelerate the healing process through focused treatment. It can also help establish nutrient deficiencies as it is often not sensible to take vitamins & minerals as many people do without any professional guidance, because this can create imbalances and excesses that can be potentially detrimental.

Kirsten also offers health preventative screens for those looking at a preventative approach to their health and well-being.